Stranger Took Him In As A Homeless Teen, So The Rock Shows Up Years Later With A Huge Surprise

 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one of Hollywood's biggest stars. He is also a loving husband and father to the most adorable girls. He is one of the most well-paid performers.

The 49-year old's life was not always easy, especially when he became homeless as a youngster.

Former wrestler and actor, Michael B. Jordan recently spoke out about the difficult time his family went through in their teens when they lost their home in Hawaii due to his mother's inability to pay rent.

Johnson's mother has no choice but to send him away to Nashville in Tennessee. At the time he was 15, Johnson thought he would move in with his dad.

He soon learned that he would not be living with his father after arriving in Nashville.

He met Bruno Lauer, who took him to his trailer to give him a place for the night when he was out of options.

The major turning point that Johnson experienced could have easily led him down the wrong path, but the superstar's level-headedness says God "always managed to find a way of putting a few people into my path who would change the course of the road I went down."

Dwayne recalls, "He took in this punk child and we became lifelong buddies."

Lauer was an ex-wrestling manager who saved Johnson when he was a teenager trying to become a wrestler. He also gave him a place for him to stay, and his last $40 so he could buy his first vehicle.

Johnson decided to repay his rescuer, who saved him more than 30 years ago.

He gave away a new truck to thank his friend, "Downtown Bruno", for his support.

Johnson surprised Lauer with a special gift after inviting him to the set of 'Young Rock', his comedy show about his own life.

Lauer has a positive impact on him. He says, "Your kindness and your heart changed my life's course."

Bruno was speechless and held back tears as he said: "Nobody has ever done this for me."

The Rock revealed that he had already ordered the tags for his new car and would have it delivered to Lauer’s Walls, Mississippi home.

"I love you man. Lauer, in reference to the truck Johnson had given away, says "Not 'cause this" but rather, because of who you are.

Johnson's surprise has been seen by more than 3.5 millions Instagram users.

He never forgets the people who helped him when he was in need. He is the type of man who never stops helping other people.

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