Is It Worth It to Have Pet Insurance? Pros and Cons

Dog Care

Running Paws is a careless dog day care located in New York City. I had never considered buying dog insurance before enrolling my dog there. Running Paws offers all-day play, fitness sessions and 24 hour care. They also offer grooming, agility, training, and training.

Jack, my Jack Russell Terrier, is a regular. Running Paws encouraged me to enroll Jack in pet insurance when I first did so. I wondered, "Why would a dog require insurance?" Two weeks later I realized why.

Dogs Are Like Kids

Dogs also get bruises and scrapes when they play, just like kids. Jack is a rough-and-tumble dog. He returned home with a serious scratch one day. Jack had decided to play rough with a Rottweiler. Jack does not see himself as 13-pound dog. He believes that he can match a Rottweiler in terms of size and strength.

I immediately wanted to bring him to my own vet when I saw the major scratch. I don't have dog insurance so a trip to the vet is $95 for just the initial examination. AMC charges $500 for an initial examination. I chose not to purchase insurance for my dog and decided to treat his wounds using some antiseptic I bought from the book I purchased on dog health.

Seem that when my dog get pneumonia - it cost me a fortune

Several months later, Jack got sick. I didn't know what was wrong. All I remember is that I brought him to the dog park that day. He was being his usual rambunctious, frolicking and having a great time with the large dogs. When we got home, I noticed that he was shaking. I knew there was something wrong.

I went to my vet as soon as possible. She wasn't available. I went to AMC. The staff took Jack's temp and confirmed that he had a fever. The exam was going to cost me at least $500 without pet insurance. .

Nothing Below $1,000

East Side Animal Hospital was my vet. I demanded that my vet come and see us. She did. She estimated the bill at over $1,000. Jack was diagnosed as having pneumonia. He was admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay. The total cost was $900. If I had purchased insurance for my dog, the cost would be less. How much less would it have cost? Is it worth buying a plan for my dog's health?

I've Decided to Purchase Health Insurance

The vet suggested I purchase ASPCA dog health insurance. ASPCA offers four plans for dog health insurance. Dog health insurance at Level 1 costs as little as $12.50 per monthly. Level 2 costs $30.29, Level 3 costs $50.48 and Level 4 is $87.77.

How To Choose The Best Insurance For Your Pet

Each level offers 80% reimbursement. There is a cap on what you can claim depending on the level that you buy. The more you pay the more services will be covered. If your dog isn't very active, the $12.50 monthly cost for the basic plan is still a bargain. The first level of dog health insurance includes all accidents and hospitalizations related to accidents. It also covers x-rays, surgery, and x-rays.

I need dog health insurance as the owner of a Jack Russell Terrier that is very active. Jack developed pneumonia, and because I could not afford to pay the cost out of pocket, I now encourage dog owners of all breeds to purchase dog health insurance.

There are home remedy for dogs, but only if you have an eBooks or guide to help you identify the symptoms that your dog exhibits. For more serious issues, I would recommend getting dog insurance. If your dog is rambunctious, you might want to consider dog training. Here is a list with the top dog training guides.

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