Honest Review : Sleep Easy Pillow vs Oure Comfort Side Sleeping Pillow


Sleep Easy Pillow vs Oure Comfort Side Sleeping Pillow

A sleep easy pillow can help anyone get a better sleep, but some people may benefit more than others. Physical therapists told us side-sleepers might find it more comfortable to hug their body pillows (reduces pressure on the arm and shoulder) or tuck them between the knees to bring the pelvis back into neutral. A body pillow will help you to feel as if you are snoozing in your stomach, without having your neck muscles strained. You can either lie on your back or side with the pillow pressing along your front.

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Body pillows can be C-shaped or J-shaped. Gusseted vs non gusseted pillow are designed to support specific areas of the back and front at the same. U-shaped pillow can be beneficial if you suffer from sleep apnea or snore. Rohrscheib explained that when you sleep on your side, the tissues in your upper airway relax and cause snoring. A body pillow can help if you have ever woken up by your own snoring. If you suspect that you have sleep apnea or snore, you should consult a physician.

Many women use pure comfort side sleeping pillow when pregnant. Physical therapists told us that body pillows can be used to support pregnant women under the belly, along the lower spine (to prevent the weight of the uterus pulling on abdominal and back muscles), and between the legs and ankles.

Body pillows can provide support and comfort to those with back pain or injuries. Chhatre suggests using a memory-foam pillow in these cases. It is best to place it between your knees as well as under your shoulder. Chhatre suggests using a body cushion as part of an overall treatment plan under the supervision of a doctor.

There are also people who use best pillow for ear pain because they find it easier to sleep with something they can cuddle. In a study, hugging a pillow shaped device reduced the levels of cortisol in the study participants' saliva and blood. A lower cortisol level can be an important factor for facilitating sleep. Our testers have reported using multiple standard-size pillow to achieve the same result. If you prefer to prop yourself up in bed, body pillows can be useful. After trying out a few body cushions, a tester said that she felt like she was missing out on comfort. "I had never used a body cushion before. Now I can't even imagine not having one."

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