Dog who’s been in shelter 1,250 days ‘howls with joy’ when he finally gets adopted

 Bowie, a sweet pittie, spent his first years of life in the Gateway Pet Guardians shelter near St. Louis. Bowie was adopted as a pup, but returned to the shelter a few weeks later.

The pup sat in the corner, waiting for someone to take a chance on him.

The staff at the shelter loved him and showed him lots of attention and treats. They knew that Bowie needed a permanent home. The shelter eventually sent him home to a foster family so that he could learn how to be a pet again. After two and a half years, no one wanted to adopt Bowie. Bowie is a good boy and there's no reason to not want him. Only two conditions apply: he must be the only animal in the house and he is afraid of children.

He's one of those dogs who tend to be overlooked.

Brittany Fleming, the placement manager at Gateway Pet Guardians, told WKYC News that "he's a wonderful dog who's very well-trained and just needs someone give him a shot."

Even the adoption fee was sponsored by a "friend" who had a puppy. Still, no takers.

The shelter finally decided that Bowie would need his own public relations campaign. Fleming said to KMOV that "we need the public's help in finding this guy a new home." "Whoever adopts Bowie will inherit a lot of new friends, because he's got quite a fan club that is rooting for him."

As soon as Bowie's story touched the hearts of shelter followers on social media, he received a flood of applications!

Shelter staff had to sort 40 adoption offers in order to find Bowie the perfect family. The shelter invited a woman named Briana in a few weeks to meet Bowie, hoping that the two would make a good match. The social worker does not have any children or pets, and her roommate works as a dog trainer. The rescue said, "We thought that it was the perfect match for Bowie who sometimes needs some extra time to warm-up to strangers." Bowie moved into his new house at the end August, and it was as if he finally had his family.

SOURCE SCREENSHOT WKYC Shelter shared a video showing Bowie yowling with joy as he left the shelter with his new mother.

A staff member is heard saying in the video: "You are getting adopted. Are you ready?"


Oh, yes! He's all set. The dog had already spent 1,250 days in a foster care.

This boy wants home. Bowie replies with a loud howl, and shakes his tail. 

SOURCE SCREENSHOT: WKYC Mom is holding Bowie's stuff while she signs off on the final paperwork. Bowie, however, is eager to see the new place.

He knows that he will be getting a few treats in the future.

According to WKYC's report, Bowie was adopted for free by "one his fans." He and his new owner will also receive four sessions of private in-home training and a professional photography session. It's clear that he was born to be a star: the shelter has already heard that Bowie is thriving in his new home. "We have already get two #adoptedlife update, and Dog's mama is spoiling him rotten," they said. She's awesome! Happy Tails to BoBo Dog. "You deserve this!" They wrote on Facebook. We are so happy that Bowie has found a wonderful place to call his own. It's obvious he is very loved. It's a great ending for all.

Below is a video of Bowie's howling in joy!

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