As Woke Late-Night Shows Grind to a Halt, 'Gutfeld!' Will Be the Only One Putting Out New Episodes

 The Writers Guild of America has been on strike for the past few days, causing chaos in late-night TV.

The unionized TV scriptwriters went out on strike Tuesday. This means that many late-night comedians, including Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon as well as Steven Colbert are putting their shows on hold for now while reruns play.

In the middle of the confusion there is still one late-night show going strong.

According to the Warp, the only late-night network TV show to continue airing new episodes despite the strike is Greg Gutfeld's show "Gutfeld!"

The writers of "Gutfeld!" are not guild members, so they will not participate in the strike. This means that the show continues as normal.

This means that, while other late night comedy shows are being canceled, because they are known to regurgitate woke talking points for the moment, "Gutfeld!" will continue to be seen by people across the country, as it takes a completely opposite approach to comedy.

Grind Gutfeld

Gutfeld has won many awards, and he is now the King of Late-Night Comedy. Gutfeld's show is the only one that has produced more episodes. This will give him a chance for further consolidation of his position.

Fox News is no doubt happy to learn that "Gutfeld!" continues to be a huge success. The network's viewership has plummeted since the decision was made to fire Tucker Carlson.

The network must now rely on shows like "Gutfeld!" to attract viewers to the network.

It is remarkable that Gutfeld's show is so different from other late-night comedies.

The show's content and perspective are vastly different. As Red State noted, the fact that the writers of "Gutfeld!" do not belong to the WGA shows how different it is.

Red State, as Red State stated, is a show that does not fear taking risks with its writing style and content.

It is therefore attractive to writers, who wish to break free from the restrictions of unions and work independently, earning money on their own, instead of relying on them.

It could also be the reason for the success of the show. This is a show which strives to be innovative and takes risks rather than being stuffed into the box of Hollywood's establishment.

The public is sick of the same woke talk shows, where hosts repeat the same talking points over and over because they know that they are safe.

Greg Gutfeld is the perfect person to provide them with a creative individual.

Gutfeld's writers not being on strike is further proof that Gutfeld couldn't be more different from his competitors.

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