The Top Cat Tips You Should Know

Just like you, cats need to exercise and eat well. Cats can become sick or overweight if they don't follow this diet. This article will show you how to feed your cat.

Adopting a cat is easy if you contact local shelters. Adoption fees are not high and shelters offer great pets. All at once, you are helping to save a cat's life and keep the cat population under control.

Keep a heated tile under your cat's bed to make them feel more comfortable. Heat the fabric-covered heating pad for two minutes in the microwave, but make sure it is not too hot. Wrap the heating pad in an old towel, and place it under the cat's blanket or bed. You can replace the tile if necessary after a few minutes to continue providing warmth.

Your cat should be wearing a collar with a tag if it is outside. Without a collar, cats can wander far away from home. Make sure the name of your pet and also the number to your home are written on the tag.

Microchip your cat. Even though your cat may live indoors, it can still escape through an open door or window. Cats are able to escape from a collar, or worse, choke themselves to death. Microchips are tiny, about the size of a grain of rice. They are tiny, but they contain all of your contact information. These chips are virtually impossible to lose and can be read by most shelters and vets.

You must not let your cat get bored. Like dogs, cats also need physical activity and playtime. Owners often overlook this need. Cats that are bored will destroy your home or get obese. Give your cats the space and toys they need. If your cats are inside, give them something to scratch and climb on.

They can spend hours cleaning themselves and their fur. Hairballs are common in long-haired cat breeds. You can get special food for cats with hairballs. Some foods are enriched with extra nutrients and oils to help reduce or prevent hairballs.

Keep your cat's ears in mind when you are driving with them. While you love to sing loudly while driving your favorite songs, your cat probably prefers softer sounds. Keep your music and other sounds to a reasonable level.

Under the cat's bowl, place a tablecloth. Cats often prefer to move food from the bowl on to the floor. You may have to clean food that has spilled outside of the bowl. Use a tablecloth or a placemat to cover your cat's food bowl. Shake the cloth or placemat over the trash regularly.

It is important to be cautious when leaving your cat alone with children. You cannot leave your cat alone with younger children, particularly those under 5. Children under 5 years old cannot handle a pet properly. Once they are older, they can enjoy some alone time with their kitty.

Regularly brush your cat. Brushing stimulates the circulation and spreads natural oils throughout the fur. This also helps to get rid of hair that sheds. You can avoid hairballs that could cause your cat choke. When a cat grooms, it can cause hairballs.

Even if you find it unappealing in appearance, do not throw away a scratching board when it becomes particularly worn out and frazzled. They are loved by cats! Cats love them!

Are you surrounded by cat hair? You need to brush your cat to control the shedding. Cats shed like machines. Brush your cat more often if it sheds a lot. It can also help prevent the coat from getting matted or tangled.

If your cat has stopped using the litter box, you should be concerned. Your cat may suddenly stop using its litter box due to a variety of medical conditions. The behavior could be due to an infection in the kidneys or the bladder. If your cat is not using the litter box, call your veterinarian immediately.

Provide a large area for your cat when she is about to give birth. The birthing process may take several hours because there are so many little kittens. If six hours have passed, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

The sense of smell is very strong in cats, and this helps them to easily adapt to changes in their environment. It can be difficult to buy a scratching post or a cat bed, for example. Do not be disappointed if your cat doesn't immediately take to the item. Once your cat gets used to the smell, he will start using it.

These tips can help if your cat is constantly spitting out hairballs and grooming doesn't help. Try adding a teaspoon of pumpkin to her food. You can also mix in some tuna water with the pumpkin. Fiber, for example, may be included in some cat food to help fight hairballs.

Diet is important for a cat's health. Your cat's life span could be significantly reduced if it is fed unhealthy food. Give your cat the best care possible.

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