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Benefits of Pork Cat Food

Pork, a novel and lean source of protein, offers cats more choices to choose from as a main food or to add variety to their usual diet. A protein-rich food is essential for cats, who are obligate carnivores.

Pork can be great for cats who have sensitive stomaches

  • Pork is an excellent source of protein for cats. It's often recommended to cats who have food sensitivities. Pork is easy to digest and less likely cause stomach problems.

  • Pork is often suggested as a substitute for cats who are allergic to other protein sources.

  • Pork may be suggested as a source of protein for cats who have litter box issues such as loose stools or constipation.

Pork is important for cats

  • Pork is rich in thiamine. Cats cannot produce thiamine on their own. Thiamine is important for cats to regulate their metabolism. A thiamine deficiency may cause serious health problems.

  • Pork contains a high amount of essential amino acids, including taurine. Taurine is a key component in the diet of a carnivorous feline. Cats may suffer from medical conditions, such as an enlarged heart, if they don't get enough taurine.

  • Pork provides cats with the necessary energy to keep up with their daily activities.

Vital Cat Pork Mini Nibs & Dinner Patties

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide pets with quality protein sources. Pork is now available in our Vital Cat raw, freeze-dried line. Pork cat food comes in both Mini Nibs (mini nibs) and Dinner Patties.

  • Pork as the first ingredient

  • Certified Gluten Free and 100% Grain Free

  • Fillers such as wheat, corn and soy

  • No artificial ingredients

  • No rendered by-products

Pork is the proof

Why not give our cats this tasty option? Pork cat foods are a great way to boost your cat's nutrition.

Other pet food brands make cat food using a dehydration method or an extrusion process, which can reduce the nutritional value. Vital Cat uses a 48-hour slow freeze-drying method to preserve vital nutrients, and the taste of raw meat that cats love. Vital Cat is the perfect choice for your cat.

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